The Best Wedding Photos of 2019

The Best Wedding Photos of 2019

I have been photographing weddings for five years, and many things have changed during that time. But my goal remains the same. I want my images to be as natural as possible and to capture real emotions. I want you to find intimacy, humor, and playfulness in my pictures. And what about the year 2019?

The first series of photos belongs to parents and grandparents. I have always been fascinated by strong emotional interactions between them and the wedding couple. Especially parents are often more stressed than their children, however, it belongs to the wedding day :)

And now a little bit of humor. Weddings are full of unexpected situations, and they are often caused by children… and alcohol. These moments often happened unnoticed, in a fraction of a second. People will only discover them when viewing photos, which is why I like these situations so much. Well, admit it, everyone expects a photography of the first kiss, but who expects a photo of extremely bored children in the church?

Couple photos are sometimes a real challenge for me. I don’t like to style people and I want this part of the day to go as naturally as possible. That’s why I take newlyweds to places they like, to which they have a closer relationship. At the same time, I don’t want to “steal” them from the party for a long time. After all, a wedding is about you and the people you want to celebrate this day with.

A mix of moments from the preparations, the ceremony, and the wedding party. I always stay at weddings until the night, because then the fun is usually in full swing. And I want to be there.

And finally, I can’t forget many beautiful family and pre-wedding photo sessions. In the mountains, in the city, and at your home as well.