My beloved Iceland

My beloved Iceland

Probably every one of us has a place he always loves to return to. The place where we feel far from everything, and where we can think somehow more clearly. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a garden behind Brno or a beach in Mexico. I found such a place in Iceland.

When Iceland was unknown

First time I have visited this country in 2009 when I found a summer job there. At that time, only a few people knew where Iceland is. When I set up my travel insurance, even the lady in the insurance company didn’t know if Iceland is part of Europe or not. You may find it amusing now, but back then a lot of people had no idea where I was going. People discovered Iceland only after the eruption of the Ejafjallajökull volcano.

Now the situation is completely different. Iceland became a tourist paradise. People are most attracted to drive the Ring Road, a famous road that runs along the perimeter of Iceland. You will find many attractions here, but also hordes of tourists. However, Iceland is much more than Ring Road.

Far from everything

For me, this island is about silence, distance, and contemplation. The last two winters I spent on farms far from civilization. No sound of cars passing by, just silence occasionally interrupted by chatting crows. And no light smog, just the clear sky that you can find only in the deep north. And that light. Of course, there is not much of it in the winter. But when the sun touch the landscape for those few moments, it takes your breath away.

Iceland is also about people for me. I created unforgettable friendships here. As if this country would attract similarly attuned people. But now I will show you more about the Icelandic landscape. Something of its vastness, colorfulness, and stillness. Something elusive that astonished me so much. I will also show you how sensitively human works interfere with nature.

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