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Yes, I love it. The wedding day is then much more relaxed. And also we get to know each other better. The price is 380 CAD and the output is about 60-80 photos. You can see how these photos look like in the gallery.

Absolutely. For many people, I have basically become a family photographer :) The price is 380 CAD and the output is about 60-80 photos. You can see the photos in the gallery.

The reservation is done by signing the contract and paying a deposit of 700 CAD.

Yes of course! I will be happy to come anywhere! :)

I always try to meet all the people I am going to photograph. Then, people take me more as their friend than as their photographer. And this is an ideal situation. However, if our meeting doesn’t work out, I’ll be happy to meet you online.

Fortunately, it has never happened yet. But if there is a serious problem, I have a number of friendly photographers who shoot in a similar style to me and are able to replace me.

I used two Sony A7III cameras throughout the wedding day. Both cameras have dual card slots. This means that photos are written to two cards at the same time. When I get home from the wedding, I immediately back up the photos to three other sources.
I will send you a package with photos within 8 weeks from the day of the wedding. However, usually much earlier. First I send access to the online gallery and then the package with USB. If you are too curious, I’ll send you the first pictures within a few days from your wedding ;)

Usually I touch mainly contrast, brightness, and color tonality. I want to give you as natural photos as possible and retouch only the necessary ones. The most important is to create a good photo on the spot.

I am both, the guest and the observer at the same time. Mingling with the guests, anticipating situations. I believe that the real beauty lies in photographing the wedding day as it is.

Since 2015 I have photographed 150+ happy couples.

Yes! I’m excited to give you my photos in this very personal way. Scroll below for more information.

Anything else on your mind?

Photo book

Or memories belong on the paper

Why a photo book? On the one hand, I think that a real photo looks different from a cluster of pixels. One can open it anytime and not just with the on / off button. And secondly, many wedding couples have admitted to me that even a year or two after the wedding, they still did not print a single photo. So I decided to design this photo book.

I want the best quality. Instead of mass production, I choose the localy handcrafted books. I like to create it in two variants. One major for you, and the other one that can be a nice gift for your loved ones:

Photo book 30 x 30 cm

Price: 400 CAD

Photo book 20 x 20 cm

Price: 350 CAD