The Valley (2018)

I came to the valley in a time that wasn’t easy for me. Death, breakup and the loss of home had stormed into my life. The most important people were suddenly gone and then there was just silence and total emptiness.

But I found my therapy. I decided to look into the lives of people who are living in difficult natural conditions and learn how to survive from them. A remote valley in the north of Iceland and a house of farmer Hjörvar and his family became my first refuge. All those beautiful people from the valley, this impressive, yet hostile nature, motivated me to see my situation from the distance. Desolation and decline, love and restoration have been shown together in wider complexity.

In the valley, in this enormous open arm of nature, I felt the closeness of earth, animals and man too. The valley is a place where nature is a ruler and always reminds us how fragile all things are. In man it raises respect, humbleness but also the need for human solidarity and cohesion. And precisely those human relationships are only thing that allows us to resist, persist and restore our life again.