I Walk through the Night

2019 – 2022

This series is a visual diary of the feelings I experienced when my family and home fell apart. In extremely quick succession, I lost loved ones and even my physical home. The photographs name the pain, doubt, and fear that surrounded me and that cannot be put into words. Using a variety of allegories and metaphors, often drawn from existentialism, I depict the way in which my desire for order and meaning collided with a world of indifference and chaos. A familiar and comprehensible world changed and suddenly became extremely alien, absurd and lonely.

The photographs are also a diary of the beginning of my transformation. I started to travel a lot and tried to understand my situation from a distance. Photography itself became a therapeutic exercise for me, with the help of which I was able to visualize, sort and understand my feelings in retrospect.

My project is also a gesture of sharing. By seeing how others struggle to cope with loss, one feels less alone in his own struggle.