I Walk through the Night

2019 – 2022

This series is a visual diary of the crisis. In extremely rapid succession, I lost loved ones and even my physical home. A familiar and comprehensible world changed and suddenly became alien, absurd, and lonely. The photographic allegories reflect the wide range of emotions that overwhelmed me during this period. From fear, anxiety, and feelings of utter helplessness to brief but intense feelings of euphoria at a strange kind of liberation.
At the time, I didn’t know how to handle the situation. So I tried to develop a method of processing and analyzing this content by taking photographs. I started to take pictures of the impressions and emotions I was experiencing. I looked for their reflection in my everyday life, in the urban and natural environment. I knew that many of these emotions would one day be displaced by my consciousness, but I wanted to preserve and study them. Imprinting an emotion in a photograph was also a form of naming my fear, and therefore a partial liberation. For me, photography became a form of therapy that allowed me to step out of this crisis, forgive, and move on.

My project is also a gesture of sharing. By seeing how others struggle to cope with loss, one feels less alone in his own struggle.