I live a beautiful life!

2018 – today

The sixth winter has passed since Marek and Lojza left their home towns. Tired of politics and ecological issues they moved to the old farm in the north of Slovakia where Marek’s grandmother lived. They decided to follow up on the old small-farming way of life, which was drastically disrupted by the communist regime and has not recovered to this day.
They revived the old meadows, brought goats to them, repaired the house, and brought geese and chickens to the yard. It wasn’t an easy way, they have been studying everything from the beginning. However, their ambition isn’t creating a large farm. They came here mainly to fulfill the ideals and their idea of ​​a free life.
In their world, the sustainability and respect for nature are the highest priorities. Those men live their lives in solitude and in a very modest way, however they are neither lonely nor poor. They found happiness in the company of animals, in the silence of mountains as well as in everyday work.