I am Ondrej, a wedding photographer

from Brno.

ondrej čechvala

I will capture for you candid and natural moments, meaningful even after years. A passionate kiss and a fleeting touch. A burst of laughter and a shy smile. Exactly these often overlooked moments evoke in me the desire to get them in the picture for you. Moments that you keep in the memory, as well as moments that came unnoticed in the flood of wedding hustle.

Don’t expect “smiles on command”. Even during the portrait session, I stylize just slightly. Not much posing, rather getting you relaxed and make you comfortable. So simple it is.

The desire to meet all your favorite beings in one place. To celebrate the day you join your loved one in the marriage. Looks, connections, interactions… I want to capture all those timeless moments for you.

Do you like my style?


Slovak Press Photo 2019, Everyday life (single), The Mountain People

Slovak Press Photo 2020, Everyday life (series), I live a beautiful life!

Slovak Press Photo 2020, Environment and Nature (single), The Sanctuary



Institute of Creative Photography in Opava.

Photography is both, my job and my passion at the same time. Either you meet me with a camera at a wedding or I wander somewhere in the world. From the Arctic Circle to the equator. I have a home everywhere I find a man with a smile. I simply love to collect stories of people and places.