I am Ondrej,

A smiling guy who is relaxed and happy to take photos of your wedding, family portrait or anything else. I’m like a professional observer, waiting for the right moment to capture a strong emotion for you that won’t be repeated.

Do you like my style?

And what else describes me?

I love wandering

That’s it. I love to be on the move. You can find many stories from my travels in my personal stories or on my blog. I enjoy not knowing where I’ll lay my head tonight, who I’ll meet and what the journey will bring. But then I love coming home and enjoying the presence of my friends and you, the people whose lives I document.

I love cats

You may not believe it, but cats got me into photography. In my childhood we had eighteen of them at a time and I practiced capturing “Bressonian decisive moment” on them. Only I didn’t look for inspiration in the streets of Paris like Bresson, but in our backyard.

I love volcanoes (and coffee)

What kind of combination is that? Well, you’d be surprised. The acidic volcanic soil is ideal for growing coffee trees. And that’s the case with the Acatenango volcano, my favorite volcano. At the top, you can enjoy a divine view, and at the bottom, you can drink coffee straight from the source… I fell in love with volcanoes while reading The Little Prince and they have influenced the places I travel ever since.

Where else could you have heard of me?



Slovak Press Photo 2019, Everyday life (single), The Mountain People

Slovak Press Photo 2020, Everyday life (series), I live a beautiful life!

Slovak Press Photo 2020, Environment and Nature (single), The Sanctuary


Common Opava, ITF, 2022, OFF Piotrkowska, Lodž, Poland, group exhibition

Face to Face – 32nd Month of Photography, 2022, Pistoriho palác, Bratislava, Slovakia, group exhibition

Slovak Press Press Photo 2022, Hviezdoslavovo námestie, Bratislava, Slovakia, group exhibition

Slovak Press Press Photo 2021, Vajanského nábrežie, Bratislava, Slovakia, group exhibition

30+. 30 years of ITF, 2021, Dům umění v Opavě, Opava, Czech republic, group exhibition

Slovak Press Press Photo 2020, Kunsthalle, Bratislava, Slovakia, group exhibition

Slovak Press Press Photo 2019, Kunsthalle, Bratislava, Slovakia, group exhibition


Institute of Creative Photography in Opava.