About me

My photographic work is mainly described by spontaneity. I shoot wedding in the photojournalistic style, therefore I try to be “invisible” during the shooting and to capture the moments from the perspective of a storyteller. However, I am not afraid to become a part of the story at the right moment.
In the same way I approach to people. Do not await any awkward posing or “smiles on demand”. Even during the portrait shooting I try to create a nice atmosphere when the pair acts naturally. In this way I can achieve the authenticity of emotions and capture a story which is truly yours.
I don’t want to create just a pile of meaningless photos. Each picture I make should represent a piece of mosaic of your own story and even after few years you should be able to connect the picture with specific emotion, context or atmosphere. This is also the reason why I love photography.
If you like my work, I will be honored to capture your own story.